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Diabetes Type 2

About a month ago my daughter sent me a link via messenger. A new doctors surgery had opened about 11 months before and she had made the decision to go to them. Using modern technology they were targeting specific age groups via social media - very smart!!

At that time I had been going to the same surgery for about 15- 18 years,but after an incident with one of the GP's I was not satisfied that I was receiving the best service that I deserved. This prompted the mass exodus of my family from said Doctors Surgery.

I found it very hard swapping to a new surgery. While you see them because of their medical knowledge, I also found that I needed to like and respect them and with the market swamped with over seas GP's, I also kind of wanted to be able to know that we were both talking the same language and could understand each others English. If I can't understand the person giving me medical advise, how do I know that they understand me? Sooooo......

After falling foul of an ab…

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