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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gordon Ramsay : 'Humble Pie'

I came across this book when browsing through the book shelves at one of my local second hand stores a few years back and picked it up for something like $2.00 - such a bargain!!

It sat on my bookshelf for several years before I decided to read it. I was extremely surprised by how much I did enjoy the book.

He had a hard childhood with a father who was absent a lot, but when his father was there he was extremely hard on his children and abusive towards his wife.

At 15 Gordon Ramsay was ready to have a career on the soccer field, but a serious injury ended his soccer career.

With no real skills and grades that appeared to be average he headed into the cooking industry by what appeared to be an accident almost. 

I quite enjoyed this read. It gave a small insight into who Gordon Ramsay is; and showed a slightly different side to him than the cooking shows that are on t.v. do. 

I would recommend the book especially if you like Gordon Ramsay or/and biographies.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Dear Mum

Dear Mum :)

I saw you the other day as I was rushing from the kitchen to the back room. Standing so quietly that I nearly missed you.

I wondered if you came with my great grandmother Margaret? I can feel her presence sometimes and have woken and seen her as well. But this I think was your first time visiting?

I wish that I could hug you, smother you in kisses and just sit and have a chat over a cup of tea. It was not meant to be.

All those plans we talked about before Sarah came along. But our lives were going in a different direction.

At random times memories assault me - of being off school sick and you saying "stay in bed till your Dad goes to work." Then getting up if I was up to it, and helping you strip the bed's of their sheets. We chatted about so many things. I treasure the memory of those times.

I remember you trusting me to iron Dad's hankies and maybe the tea-towels! It wasn't till I was older that I was allowed to iron his shirts and trousers. Ironing... no wonder you let me do that job!!!

I told Sarah that I saw you.... she just looks at me and nods her head. She thinks it is 'creepy' when I talk about seeing people. But it's not just anyone.

I miss you xxoxoxox