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Family tree (and Alzheimer's)

So recently I was very lucky to find family members who belong to my Byrne family tree. My fathers family.

I was contacted on Ancestry because I had done a DNA test via Ancestry and a young woman messaged to ask how we were related. At the same time I came across a tree who had similar family members to myself.

My great grandfather was William Byrne born 1871 and married to Mary Anne Walsh. I believe that they had 5 children, though I have been told it could have been as many as 8.

The 5 siblings were -

Patrick Byrne born 1891, who married Sarah Flynn.
Michael Byrne born 1894
Mary Byrne born 1900, who married Henry (Harry) Fleming
Thomas Byrne born 1913, who married Beatrice Edwards (my grand mothers sister)
and my grand father William Joseph Byrne born 23/7/1904, whose 2nd marriage was to my grand mother Violet Edwards.

So my first contact was with a relative to Patrick Byrne and Sarah Flynn and my second was with a relative to Mary Byrne and Henry Fleming.

We are still connecting vi…

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