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So I went to my GP again. A follow up visit about 8 days ago. I had been for a fasting glucose blood test to see what my levels were like and to confirm or not whether I was actually diabetic.

I was so hopeful that the original GP had gotten it wrong.

But as far as luck has been, this year has been horrible. So you know where I'm going here!!

The GP said "your definitely a type 2 diabetic Sheryl." My levels were 9.9 which are terrible.

So he suggested that I go onto Metformin.  I had heard of the side effects and was really dragging my heals here.

Being a Friday and knowing that I was going to be busy over the weekend I decided (talked myself into it, more like it!!) that I needed to wait and start them on the Monday.

Sooooo, Monday week ago with some trepidation I took my first tablet.

The chemist had said to take the tablet when eating my evening meal. So I make sure I have it with me when I sit down to eat. Half way through my meal I take the tablet with a glass of w…

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