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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Melina Marchetta

Just recently I had the pleasure of reading a trilogy written by this amazing Australian author. Having read some of her other books and also watched the movie that was made about her book 'Looking for Alibrandi' I was already a fan.

'Finnikin of the Rock' is the first book of the trilogy and is about a young boy called Finn whose father has been thrown in jail and hasn't been home for ten years since the royal family was killed. But then he is told that possibly the heir to throne may be alive and he follows a young woman called Evanjalin.

'Froi of the Exiles' is the second book in the trilogy. Froi is an orphan boy who tries to steal a ring from Evanjalin.

He joins the group of travelers and eventually earns their love and trust.

'Quintana of Charyn' is the third book in the trilogy and introduces Quintana of Charyn who is a princess who surprises with her strength and versatility. Initially you wonder who and what she is, but hopefully like me you will come to love the character that she is.

 Well worth the read and I highly recommend all of the books in this series.

Melina Marchetta is a YA author who writes so amazingly well. These stories are so well told that when you put them down you are constantly thinking about the characters!! Well I did!! I didn't want to put them down and was sad when I finished the last book.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Elizabeth Byrne nee Glew

Mum and Dad, 3rd February 1962 - their Wedding day
So yesterday the 4th August, you would have celebrated your 76th birthday. On Thursday the 7th August, it will be Dad's 78th birthday. 52 years have passed since this photo was taken. So much has happened. You left us too early. I had so many many things that I wanted to talk to you about. I do hope you are reading this over my shoulder!!

If you had been here Sarah and I would have shown you how to own more books than you could have dreamed of owning and more than you or I could possibly read in just one life time. I do so love technology. You can put books on machines that will fit right into your handbag - Kindles or e-Readers, mini iPad's or tablets. You would love them!!! We would have made sure that you owned a Kindle and a mini iPad.
Remember the ones you were growing?
I was only talking about you the other day. Could have used your help 2 weekends ago. I went to a quiz night with Sarah and her friends and though I knew some of the questions, I knew that you would probably have known most of them!! Because of the quiz I was reminiscing and was talking about the last game we played. Darren had to ask you one question - if you answered correctly you would win. I remember Lisa and I saying 'don't ask her that question, she will know it!!!' So he asked you that question and you said, 'I read a book about this the other day!!!' And so you won, again!!! If he had just listened to us!!! LOL
Mum and Uncle Fred - can't remember the occasion, but you loved to dance.

Just know that we will meet again, not just at the 'pearly gates' but in another life time. You might not recognize me by my appearance, but listen to your heart and it will tell you true.

Happy 76th Birthday Mum xoxoxo
I do so love you and miss you horribly.
 Happy Birthday Mum. xoxoxo