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C.R.E.S.T or Scleroderma

Soooo 2017 was a pretty traumatic year but I just know that 2018 is going to be a huge improvement.

So far my fasting blood sugar has dropped from 9.9 down to 5.9 which is great. The medication I am taking for the CREST is restoring the feeling to my fingers and my blood pressure has dropped. I just need to monitor it to make sure it doesn't drop below 90 (the top number/systolic).

My index finger on my left hand is still sore and swollen though the medication is working in that its not as sore as it was a month ago. The nail is still thickened and has moved away from the skin under the nail (which is what is causing my discomfort), but thankfully there is no abscess there.

My ankles are still becoming swollen every day, but a minor problem as it is the medication causing the swelling and not fluid, so annoying and sometimes uncomfortable but not a real issue.

According to the Rheumatologist on my last visit I also have Sjogren's syndrome, just because I needed something else …

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