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This is not a good year for my health!!

So far this year I feel as if I have been living at the doctors surgery!!

I ruptured a disc in my neck in late February and now suddenly I have a sore finger on my right hand.

Why is it that I have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs, but every time I bang my hand its always my right hand and my sore finger that takes the punishment? I have now resorted to wearing a bandage of sorts to try and protect it.

Soooo, about 2 -3 months ago I noticed that my fingers were extremely dry and sore. So applied some moisturiser a few times, but the next day I noticed that one digit looked as if it had split and suddenly became like a volcano of dead skin. It looked revolting, but more worrisome was that the tip of my finger felt - well kind of numb!!

At this point I had been seeing my GP a lot then because of my neck; and then also because I was scheduled to see him on my care plan.

I showed the GP my finger and asked him if he thought it could be because of my current illnesses? His response was "moistur…

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