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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Terence Joseph Byrne - 80th Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Boy - Terry on the left, his sister Pat in the middle and brother Bob at the other end.
So on Saturday we celebrated Dad's 80th Birthday. He was born 7th August 1936.

We invited family and friends to help celebrate the milestone event, approximately 50 - 60 turned out. 
The youngest family members - Josh, Ryan, Lucy, Meegan (back row) Charlotte and Thomas at the front
The weather turned a bit wild and windy so the majority of people stayed in the house, but a few stalwarts braved the cold.

Going around left from the lady with the pink hair - who is cousin Gillian, cousin Daniel, Aunty Pat, Kraison, Greg, John and Kate

The birthday boy seems to have had a great time. He loves socialising so was in his element.

We suggested the theme be 1930's seeing as he was born in 1936. Those that dressed up looked great.

The food and the punch appeared to have been a hit, going on the fact that there was hardly any left overs.
Meelah enjoying the dip and biscuits
We got some amazing photos as reminders. Happy Birthday Dad.
Best mates for 56 years. Brian Dobbie and Terry Byrne

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Gluten Free Recipe #1 - Mums Potato Cakes

Mums Potato Cakes

When we were kids Mum used to make us potato cakes with lots of tomato sauce for dipping them into. We loved them as kids and couldn't get enough of them. I have given them to my daughter over the years and they are still a favorite of hers.

You can make them plain as my Mum did, or add 'stuff ' as my daughter likes to, but no matter what you do they always taste great!

This morning instead of rice porridge my daughter felt like eggs. Now normally I would just make eggs and toast with a side serving of baked beans or bacon. But since she isn't fussed about the gluten free bread or for that matter bread as a whole, we decided to make plain old potato cakes.

So I took 3 smallish potatoes (each a little bit bigger than a large egg) and also a piece of sweet potato about the same size, and grated them all into a bowl.

Once grated, I added one (1) egg to the bowl and then some gluten free cornflour, before mixing them all together.

Meanwhile I placed a frypan on to heat with a bit of oil to make sure they didn't stick (as you can see I used two small pans today).

I put a small palm sized dollop into the pan and watched them cook. You want them nice and brown before you flip them over.

Once they are browned on both sides, plate them up and enjoy!!

Mums Potato Cakes 

1 x egg
3 x smallish potatoes (a bit bigger than your largest eggs)
1 x piece of sweet potato 
2 1/2 tablespoons Gluten Free Cornflour (mum used normal plain flour)
salt and pepper to season
1 -2 tablespoon of oil for frying pan

grate a small piece of zucchini into the mix
grate a little bit of red onion into the mix
use chia seeds instead of egg 

Grate the potatoes, add the egg and GF cornflour and mix well. Add to heated frying pan and flip once browned on one side. Once both sides are nicely browned, serve up with a fryed egg and beans on the side (we used Heinz baked beans which are gluten free). This serve made eight potato cakes, but on other days.....!!!  Hope you enjoy them.