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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Elizabeth Byrne nee Glew

Mum and Dad, 3rd February 1962 - their Wedding day
So yesterday the 4th August, you would have celebrated your 76th birthday. On Thursday the 7th August, it will be Dad's 78th birthday. 52 years have passed since this photo was taken. So much has happened. You left us too early. I had so many many things that I wanted to talk to you about. I do hope you are reading this over my shoulder!!

If you had been here Sarah and I would have shown you how to own more books than you could have dreamed of owning and more than you or I could possibly read in just one life time. I do so love technology. You can put books on machines that will fit right into your handbag - Kindles or e-Readers, mini iPad's or tablets. You would love them!!! We would have made sure that you owned a Kindle and a mini iPad.
Remember the ones you were growing?
I was only talking about you the other day. Could have used your help 2 weekends ago. I went to a quiz night with Sarah and her friends and though I knew some of the questions, I knew that you would probably have known most of them!! Because of the quiz I was reminiscing and was talking about the last game we played. Darren had to ask you one question - if you answered correctly you would win. I remember Lisa and I saying 'don't ask her that question, she will know it!!!' So he asked you that question and you said, 'I read a book about this the other day!!!' And so you won, again!!! If he had just listened to us!!! LOL
Mum and Uncle Fred - can't remember the occasion, but you loved to dance.

Just know that we will meet again, not just at the 'pearly gates' but in another life time. You might not recognize me by my appearance, but listen to your heart and it will tell you true.

Happy 76th Birthday Mum xoxoxo
I do so love you and miss you horribly.
 Happy Birthday Mum. xoxoxo 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thomas Goble and Elizabeth

Findon, St John the Baptist Church, West Sussex, England
So far I have managed to go back to Thomas Goble and his wife Elizabeth. The information I have on them is fairly sketchy, but I'm working on it.

  • Thomas was born somewhere between 1682 & 1715 in Findon, Sussex, England. He died about 1740.
  • Elizabeth was probably born around the same time but as yet I have no further personal information on her, and I have not found her maiden name yet either.
  • I have located (3) three children - John Goble who is our direct descendant; William and George.
    • John was born between 1718 - 1740 in Sompting, Sussex, England. He married Mary Leggat/Legat. No further personal information has been obtained about Mary.
    • I have only (1) one child recorded, whether they had others, I do not know as yet
      • Their son John Goble was born about 1765 in Lancing, Sussex, England and died about 1831. He married Elizabeth Hoare on the 16th May 1785 in Lancing, Sussex, England. I do not have Elizabeth's birth date, but I assume it was about 1765, but she passed away on the 25th July 1796 in Lancing, Sussex, England
      • I have recorded (5) five children for John and Elizabeth
      • James Goble who is our direct descendant, Cornelius, Ann, William and John
      • File:St Michael's Church, Lewes (IoE Code 293208).jpg
        St Michaels Church, Lewes, Sussex
        • James was christened 13th April 1788 in Lancing, Sussex, England and died December 1876 in East Preston, Sussex, England. His occupation was a sawyer. He married Nancy Tuppen on the 13th January 1810 in Saint Michael, Lewes, Sussex, England. After their marriage I have found no further records of Nancy, but I believe that Ann Tuppen and Nancy Tuppen are the same person as Ann is a derivative of Nancy. Nancy was born about 1790 in either Lancing or Iford, Sussex, England and possibly died about 1864.
        • I have located (8) eight of James and Nancy/Ann's children. John Goble is our direct descendant, then there is David, Eliza, Charles, James, William, Louisa and Henry.
            • St Mary's Church, Broadwater, Sussex
        • John Goble was christened 24th November 1815 in Broadwater By Worthing, Sussex, England. He died about June 1900 in East Preston, Sussex, England. In the 1861 Census his occupation was recorded as a carpenter. He married Mary Ann Parsons on the 23rd May 1836 at St Mary's Church of England, Parish Church of Broadwater, Broadwater by Worthing, Sussex, England. Mary was born about 1818 in Worthing, Sussex, England and died 24th June 1861 in Worthing, Sussex, England. I have located (17) seventeen children for John and Mary, which is possibly why Mary died when she was about 42 years old.  
          • John has remarried abt December 1864 on Portsea Island, Hampshire, England to Clara Baker. 
          • Clara was born abt 1815 in Goring, Sussex, England and died April 1900 in East Preston, Sussex, England.
          • Our direct ancestor is Frederick George and then there are, John, Elizabeth Ann, William Henry, Sarah Ann, James, Eliza, Fanny, Ellen, Edwin, Mary Ann, Charles, Alfred, Richard, Emma Jane, Albert George and Arthur.

  • Frederick George Goble was born 17th August 1848 and christened 17th September 1848 in Broadwater, Sussex, England. He died July 1872 in Sussex, England. He married Kate Ralfe/Rolf on the 5th September 1870 in Broadwater, Sussex, England.
  • Kate was born 7th march 1850 in Broadwater, Sussex, England. I have only located (2) two children for Kate and Frederick - Frank who is our direct descendant and Albert George.
    • Frank was born on the 15th March 1872 at Worthing, County of Sussex, East Preston, England and died at Whipps Cross Hospital, North Leyton, West Ham, Country of Essex, England. His occupation at the time of the birth of his son Frederick, was a Police Constable in London. He Married Bertha Ann Sales on the 15th APril 1894 in Lewisham, Kent, England. 
    • Bertha Ann was born December 1873 in Godstone, Surrey, England and died September 1955 in West Ham, Essex, England.
    • I have located (7) seven children for Frank and Bertha, with our direct descendant being Frederick William Goble, then there is Winifred, Frank, Florence, Bertha Ann, Doris and Albert Frank.
      • Frederick William Goble was born April 1905 in Hampshire, England and died 12th April 1983 in Newham, Greater London, England. He married Alice Beatrice Savill on the 11th July 1926 in Greenwich, London, England.
      • Alice was born 4th August 1904 in Greater London, London, England and died June 1997 in Croydon, London, Surrey, England.
      • I have only (2) two children recorded for them, Frederick Joseph William who is our direct ancestor (and my father-in-law) and a sister (as she is still alive, I will not give her details)
      • Frederick was born on the 7th November 1940 in Surrey, England. On the 7th January 1970 he and his wife and two of their four children departed Southampton, England bound for Fremantle, Western Australia aboard the 'Castel Felice'. After spending all of his working life in Australia, he succumbed to illness and passed away on the 16th August 1998 in Rockingham, Western Australia.
While the Goble line is certainly not finished as far as recording details, this is as far as we go as the names of those family who still are alive will be respected and not mentioned in this blog. (please note, while I do have information about the other siblings mentioned on this page, I am only recording the direct descendants information here)

Rockingham Cemetery
If you are reading this blog and would like further information or would like to challenge/question me please leave a comment on this post and I will get back to you. Thank you, Sheryl