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Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia or Watermelon Stomach

So I won't paste any photos of it here, because it is a bit yukky to look at the images that come up when you do a google image search!!

4 weeks ago on the 11th April I underwent a gastroscopy to determine if I had GAVE or watermelon stomach again.

I arrived at the local hospital at 12:30 having fasted since 7am that morning. At approximately 1pm they checked my blood pressure and blood glucose levels and discovered both were a tad lower than was expected!!

I was last on the surgery list, but got bumped to 3rd and the poor woman who had just been wheeled out to have her surgery was bought back so that I could be rushed into her spot. I mouthed sorry to her as we passed, so hopefully she was ok!!

So i arrived down into the small holding room near the surgery only to hear that the surgeon was not happy to conduct the treatment, the gastroscope yes but not the APC as he had only done 1 or 2 of them.

By the way, after they knocked me out and placed the gastroscope down, if they discov…

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