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Emperor Series by Conn Iggulden

I started reading the Emperor series mid 2010. I came across a book review in the magazine Good Reading and thought why not. I absolutely raced through the first book and believe me, these are not thin dainty books. These are books that would make good door stops, that is if you can bear to put them down. While I love reading about history, most works of non fiction are extremely dry and almost cause you to fall asleep. Conn Iggulden has used history to write an amazing series about Julius Caesar and his mate Marcus Brutus. You almost feel as if he has personal experience from which he is drawing the story to tell. I will hopefully get the fourth and last book in the Emperor series read in the next month or two. Though possibly I am being a tad ambitious as I am presently reading Jane Austens "Sense and Sensibility". Two books that are totally different but both are as enthralling as the other. I would highly recommend the Emperor series to anyone and can't wait to get stuck into the Conqueror series which is about Genghis Khan.


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