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Perth Writers Festival

I was fortunate to attend the Perth Writers Festival held on the grounds of The University of Western Australia. The weather was beautiful and the UWA grounds were set out in such a way to enchance the experience. I highly recommend this event.  I attended with some of the lovely ladies from my book club. This was my first time and I had an highly enjoyable day.
We attended three sessions each and though I don't tend to read Crime normally, I was fortunate to sit down and listen to Jeff Lindsay of the 'Dexter' series of books and t.v. series; and Leah Giarratano who is a clinical psychologist who has appeared on the Australian t.v. series 'Beyond the Darklands' and also an author in her own right.  The allotted hour went past too quickly; it was an extremely interesting subject and both Lindsay and Giarratano were marvellous.
The second session we listened to was with authors Adam Ross, Miguel Syjuco and Rodney Hall - not as inspiring and interesting as the first, but worthwhile if you are interested in writing yourself.
 The third session was with novelists Kirsten Tranter and Sophie Gee. Both have spent years studying the classics and were interesting to listen to.  They were so obviously enthralled of the subject that it could only draw you in to feel their enthusiasm.
The Perth Writers Festival details can be found by clicking on the name. It goes all of this long weekend Saturday 5th March to Monday 7th March 2011.  Some events are free, but others attract a fee.


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