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This is our bichon frise - Millie or Millicent if she is naughty, who is 6 years old. She is our third bichon and all have had different personalties. I didn't want another dog when my daughter and husband saved and planned to buy one. We had just said good bye to our last one, not two years before. She had been with us nearly 17 years and was a wonderful family member. Having a dog means that someone has to bath, brush, dry, cut, clean, feed..... you get the picture!!  Anyway, those two someones promised most sincerely that they would definitely do this, if they could only find another pet to buy.  Even up to when they left to pick up our new arrival, I was still adamant that I would not be doing all the looking after... Well guess who the mug is!!?? Usually once a week or if she stays clean, once a fortnight, I will run the water in the laundry, chase down the disappearing dog. Wash and then rub dry before attacking her with the hairdryer.  I then get out the scissors to trim up any protuberances, clean around the eyes and the back end. It can take me between 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours, depending on whether I give her a trim or a major re-style.
This dog is one spoilt pooch. When we first bought her home, after we got her used to going to the toilet outside, I allowed her to sleep on the end of the bed.   This was because she was slipping down to the daughters room and waking her up at night. She has slowly moved up the bed and under the blankets. Only the other night, once I had turned off the night light, I climbed into bed and felt her gentle breath on my face before she snuggled into my shoulder and decided that she was quiet comfortable thank you.
I always said that I would never let the dog on the bed never mind under the blankets, but I guess this one has crept into my heart as well.


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