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Millie the Bichon Frise

On Wednesday morning at approx 5.15am the house was woken abruptly by Millie, our nearly 5 year old bichon frise, screaming in pain. As per her normal routine, she awakens about 10-15 minutes before the alarm sounds, to jump on the bed and have a cuddle, that is if she isn't already asleep on the bed!! LOL  This morning was no different. I patted the side of the bed to let her know that I was awake and then I guess she tried to jump, but fell back in pain. We had to wait until the veterinary surgery opened, before I could ring and get her an appointment. We weren't sure what the problem was, but it appeared to be either her hip or leg.
They kept her for the day and knocked her out with anesthetic.  The vet felt that she may have torn or sprained her anterior cruciate ligament.  The prognosis after being x-rayed was that she appeared to have done as they said.  Tablets were issued and instructions were clear - keep her quiet and try and stop her from running around or jumping too much.... Are they crazy!!  This is a dog, and that's what they do. The only thing Millie does better is sleep@!!!  So we are all watching her and trying to make sure that she doesn't jump or run around. She thinks its weird, cause we pick her up instead of patting the couch or bed and getting her to jump up, and I have even got up and opened the door for her rather than allow her to use the 'doggy door'.  At present it appears to be working, because she has stopped walking with a limp or that could be the medication we are giving her. Hopefully the rest and tablets will resolve the problem, because if I thought the x-rays were expensive, then I guess I should re-mortgage the house to pay for the surgery!!!


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