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The Land of the Lyre bird

During my research of the Glew family name I have come across a book called "The land of the Lyre bird". While admittedly I  have only read the chapter that refers to my Glew family, it is full of very interesting information about our ancestors and the Australian countryside. The following is the blurb that describes the content.  

"The Land of the Lyre bird; a story of early settlement in the great forest of south Gippsland. Being a description of the Big Scrub in its virgin state with its birds and animals, and of the adventures and hardship of its early explorers and prospectors; also accounts by the settlers of the clearing, settlement, and development of the country (1920)."

I downloaded a PDF version, though you can read it online and there are options to download it to a 'Kindle' or 'Daisy' etc. The website is called Internet Archive and according to their blurb, they are a not-for-profit site located in San Francisco.

The page that I was particularly interested in pertained to an ancestor John Glew. Initially I was under the misapprehension that the John Glew in question was the senior, but after reading and counting on my fingers I have concluded that this chapter was written by John Glew, born 6 December 1857.  He was married twice, first to Mary Despie Dods and then to Edith Mary Le Gassick.

Johns parents were John Glew (senior) and Abigail Allen. I also believe that the Littledike mentioned in the book refers to the brother-in-law Henry Littledike. Henry was married to Johns sister Abigail Glew. 

If you are tracing either the Glew or Littledike family or any of the following names I suggest you pop along to this website and download a copy to read. I have copied the index which unfortunately only shows the initials and surname, but may be helpful.

The Scrub (T. J. Coverdale)
Animal, and Bird Life in the Scrub (F. P. Elms)
The Lyre Bird (Miss Gillan)
Pack-Tracks and Packing (W. H. C. Holmes)
Scrub Cutting (W. H. C. Holmes)
" Picking Up " (W. H. C. Holmes)
The Roads, and How We Got Them (T. J. Coverdale)
The Pioneers of Poowong (A. Gillan)
Recollections and Experiences—
Caleb Burchett
Albert Nicholas
T. W. Horsley
T. J. Coverdale
H. Dowel
J. Eccles
Frank Dodd
A. Gillan
Mrs. R. J. Fuller
W. H. C. Holmes
The Lyre Bird in South Gippsland (L. C. Cook)
Surveying Recollections (J. Lardner)
Early Coal Exploration in Gippsland (Reginald A. F. Murray)
Recollections and Experiences—
A. C. Groom
W. M. Elliott
Mrs. A. R. Smith
W. C. Thomas
J. Glew
T. Horner
W. Johnstone
M. Hansen
The Great Southern Railway (R. J. Fuller)
The Coal Industry of South Gippsland (M. Halford)
The Dairying Industry (The Committee)
Spring-time (W. Moore)
Recollections and Experiences—
J. A. Black
D. McLeod
A. W. Elms
J. Western
G. Matheson
R. N. Scott
W. .1. Williams
W. Rainbow 
A Lightning Muster (J. Langham)
The Pastoral Industry (J. Western)
Recollections and Experiences—
J. Rainbow
W. McKenzie McHarg
R. Cornall
E. Sheepway
F. P. Elms
J. Halford
Mrs. W. J. Williams
Recollections and Personal Experiences of the Great Fires of February,
1898 (T. J. Coverdale)
Australia Phoenix (Miss F. Finn)
A Review (R. S. B. Young)
Recollections and Experiences—
A. McLean
Miss C. Elms
Wm. Watson
Ben. Brett
James Baker
Pioneers of the Danish Settlement at East Poowong (M. C. L. Hansen)
Education (W. H. C. Holmes)
The Methodist Church in South Gippsland (The Rev. Jas. Smith)
The Church of England (W. H. C. Holmes)
The Presbyterian Church (A. Gillan)
The Catholic Church (E. F. Williamson)
Impressions of Gippsland (Mrs. M. C. Johnson)
'The Country as it is, 1918 (P. H. Watkinson)


  1. Firstly, is this blog still current/ongoing? Secondly, just picked up "Land of the Lyrebird' 1973 edition. I recognise a lot of the family names from around Poowong.

  2. OK found the recent dates. Interesting blog. Mind if I join this site?

  3. Hi, yes the blog is still ongoing, just haven't posted anything recently. Sometimes life just gets too damn busy to be able to spend time on the computer! LOL. You are more than welcome to join. I alternate depending on what is happening in my life and how I am feeling as to what I post about. Take care yours Sheryl :)


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