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Just a note about the two recipes that I have added to my blog. My intention was to try and add them to a new page, but no luck with that one!! You know what they say about good intentions!! Anyway, the nacho sauce is an old favourite that I have been cooking for years. Everyone loves it. The chicken and mascarpone is a new one that I have taken from one of my cook books. Quick and easy. I would suggest if you are having steamed vegetables with it, that you put the vege's on first!

Its been a lovely day in Rockingham, WA. The sun is shining and a light breeze blowing. Unfortunately I have spent all day in side cleaning. I have been lucky enough to have had a 4 day weekend and spent the other 3 days mooching around the house, reading, going on the computer and watching a bit of t.v. Today was the day of reckoning. I have scrubbed and cleaned (well I haven't dusted!!) but both bathrooms & toilets are clean, floors have been swept and washed, and I have done 3 loads of washing and hung them on the line. Tea is organised, but not started and I only have the washing to fold and iron. Its a lot easier to go to work. I'm sure I would do less and at least I have a finish time at work!!

This time last year my daughter and I were travelling back and forward to Fremantle Hospital everyday for a month as my husband was in I.C.U. with streptococcus pneumonia. We have a lot to be thankful for as he has survived that without any lasting illness. I guess he owes a lot of it to his stubbornness and the rest to modern medicine and the dedicated medical staff at the hospital. He is still recovering, but is hopeful of soon being back at work full time. After spending 10 days in an induced coma, and the medical staff telling us to prepare for a funeral as they didn't think he would make it, he is very lucky.

So I guess there are worst things in life than having to spend a beautiful day inside doing housework.


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