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Well went and saw the Hepatologist, and that was a waste of money!!!  I was really expecting more. A more pompous person I haven't come across!!  I hate talking to someone who appears to be talking down to me and this guy did and as far as I am concerned was just another overpriced professional who is too big for his own boots!!
He was very condescending to me and I felt as if I was wasting his time. It cost me $180 dollars for about 15 minutes and it only took that long because I asked questions.
So I am back to the normal specialist who is great, but was just seeking a second opinion. Maybe he will be satisfied with the answer he receives.
Obviously I have to wait till I end up back in hospital before I end up anywhere.
I'm sorry if I sound pissed, but people like him really get my goat!! Thank god he is in the minority.


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