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Elizabeth Byrne nee Glew - My recollections

This is our family. The photo was taken about 1983. Dad is at the back on the left, I'm standing next to him, Greg is flexing his muscles. That;s Mum sitting on the chair and my sister Lisa at the front.

Mum was born Elizabeth Glew on the 4th August 1938 in Perth, Western Australia. According to mum, she was nicknamed Shirley as a young child. Possibly after the child star Shirley Temple whose career was at its height when she was born. The name sticked to her and everyone always called her Shirley.

The youngest of five daughters, mum was bought up by a succession of housekeepers and her older siblings, as her own mother passed away just before her 2nd birthday.  The year she turned 17, her father also passed away. Mum lived with a girlfriend and her parents for some time, though I'm not clear on how long. Certainly they were there when she turned 21 and also when she later married my father, with her friends father giving her away.

She met my father about 1960 and as he tells the story, she wasn't at first bowled over by his charm. Though he did persist and finally won her hand in marriage.They married at St Matthews Church, Guildford, Western Australia, on the 3rd February 1962.

I remember mum saying that it was about 40 C in the shade that day. On the way to the church, Mr Burden, pulled over to give a hitch hiker a lift. She always sounded put out, which I guess you would be!!
St Matthews Church, Guildford, Western Australia

Here are mum and dad on the steps of the church.
Terence Joseph Byrne and
Elizabeth Byrne nee Glew


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