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I love the internet!!

Don't you love technology??  In the last week I have been very daring and bought myself two books on line.  Possibly for some people this may be a boring choice, but I love books so it was a natural choice!! LOL
My first choice was all of Jane Austen's published books under one cover - I can't wait to get that one.  The second one is by John Cobley and is about the first fleet to Australia.  There are several that I want to purchase by him, but this is a good start. I am so excited, its like christmas!!  I checked out 'Book Depository' who don't charge delivery costs to most places, so that makes them very affordable; also 'Fishpond' and for rare books I tried 'Biblio'.  I guess I will have to wait and see if the goods turn up. At the end of the day, I haven't lost tons of money - all up, I spent about $36.00. 


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