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"Bettany's Book" by Tom Keneally

I have just finished reading this mammoth book. A big sigh and also sadness because I really did enjoy the book and the author's prose.

I must admit that I probably would not have become a fan except the book was the 'book of the month' for my book club. I dislike starting a book and then not being able to finish it for whatever reason.

So with an initial slow start and a wish to just 'get it done' I plodded my way through the 597 pages that make up this story. I have to admit that I did not start enjoying this wonderful book until I reached about the half way point.

The sisters Dimple and Primrose Bettany in present day Australia and then in the case of Primrose, Sudan. The ancestor Johnathan Bettany and convict wife Sarah Bernard; Felix, Long, Treloar to name but a few.

I would recommend this book to any who have the time to sit and read a great Australian novel. The print is small and book large, but so worth the effort when you get to the end.


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