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Exercise and me!

So just before Christmas my daughter and I decided to join one of our local gyms. They had a wide range of activities to offer - several large pools, spa, sauna, gym with so many classes on offer that my head spun. Here was my chance to exercise and lose some weight as well as get fit. Yay!!

So with good intentions, our gym clothes and bathers we joined up on a flexi-membership that gave us some leeway ( just in case we wanted to cancel the membership).

We went a few times, but work commitments for me and university assignments for my daughter meant that we sometimes only got there 2 times a week. We decided to torture our two bishon frise by taking them for walks around the block when we couldn't get to the gym.

So Christmas came and went and the membership wasn't getting a lot of use from both of us. Before we knew it January was at an end and then we were in February. I bet you can guess that we did not see a lot of the gym during that period. Its amazing how many excuses you can find to justify not going!!

Anyways, 2nd last week of February I said to the daughter 'we need to use this membership, otherwise we are just wasting our money!!' So we dragged ourselves down to the gym. We even managed to do three nights in a row.

Feeling happy with ourselves because we are finally getting started. Reading before going to bed - will always remember the date - Wednesday 22nd February - and thought to myself  'oh I think I have pulled a muscle in my neck'. Went to bed with 2 panadol, heat pack to neck and thought I would be fine in the morning.

Mmmm .... awoke to amazing pain. I didn't think I would be able to get up. But being a martyr I showered and dressed and even went out to the car to go to work. Must have been sitting in the car for some time, as the husband came and asked if I wanted him to drive me to work.

Got dropped at work, rang the physio and booked an appointment and said 'yes I will manage'. Heat pack applied over and over again, more panadol. By 9.30am my neck was spasming so much I was feeling nauseous. Admitted defeat and rang the husband to pick me up.

Long story short.. went for a few physio appointments until she suggested I see my GP for pain management; then next day suggested that I really needed to speak to my GP as when she tested my eye sight she wasn't happy with the result. Went to GP again, gave him her note. He send me for a CT scan. The results came back a day later. Sheryl you've pinched a nerve in your neck and one in your lower back as well as busting a disc in your neck. Well that explains all my pain!!

If I'm going to do it, I do it well!!!  Thank god for my daughter - I couldn't have managed without her.

So have been off sick since then - 5 1/2 weeks so far. Have improved so much. Still can't turn my head fully without pain, but I can turn my head a bit. The numbness has mostly gone and as each day passes I can do more things around the house. The medication the GP has me on makes me tired, it also worries me as I feel sometimes that I am a few seconds behind myself.... my response time is delayed. Apart from the sore neck, another reason why I haven't driven yet. I don't think exercise and me go so well. Will be awhile before I get back to the gym, if at all. Will have to take it slowly, certainly don't want to do this again.


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