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Coeliac Disease: pass on and share

So a few things that we have discovered that I want to share.

  • the thought of going gluten free is scarier than the fact
  • staying simple with recipes and home cooking is easier than dining out
    • make the same recipes but swap out ingredients that have gluten and just tweek them where necessary!
  • if you do dine out, always ask and ask again - is this gluten free?
    • and don't assume because it was a week or a month ago - ask each and every time
  • don't assume that because you now know what gluten is, that everyone else does - especially staff at restaurants, cafes, bistro's etc.
    • educate them by asking questions and making sure you re-clarify
    • your stomach will tell you if they got it wrong!
  • we have been told that most take away Indian food is gluten free - but ask and make sure
  • sushi is partly gluten free - watch the mayo, soy sauce and the decorative toppings - oh and the wasabi as well!
  • potatoes are gluten free - but not hot chips - crazy hey!!? 
  • in Australia - Oats are usually excluded from a gluten free diet
  • the one thing that you don't normally eat, is the one thing that you will crave - my daughter is craving ice cream!!!  Can we find a nice gluten free one that she likes??
  • join your local Coeliac Association and educate yourself and your family
  • the symptons don't go away as soon as you start a gluten free diet - we have been told it can take from 6 months to 2 years
  • if you are at the beginning of this journey
    • see your doctor for a blood test and if that comes back positive, then you will need a colonoscopy and maybe a gastroscopy before final diagnosis -  you must continue to eat gluten throughout this process
    • I recommend seeing a specialist for follow up care once you receive a positive diagnosis - we see a gastroenterologist
      • you will feel empowered and in control of your diet/life choice
  • if in doubt look up the Coeliac Association website near to you and call them - they can help you
  • Coeliac Australia link 
  • Coeliac Western Australia
  • and remember to smile and the whole world will smile with you! :)


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