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Milestone Birthdays

We have a busy year coming up, with our daughter celebrating her 21st Birthday in March - very soon!! My sister and then my husband will both be celebrating their 50th Birthday's in August and then in October.  

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We have been buying supplies for the last few months, a bit here and a bit there. Hopefully it all comes together and matches the image my daughter has in her mind.

She wants a sky filled with lights - so the pergola will hopefully be transformed with fairy lights. We have mason jars and candle jars and glasses with lots of different size candles to place in them which are being set around the party area - including some citronella to keep the mozzies away.

Then inside we are setting up a photo booth so people can take photos so we have a visual memory of the night.

A guest book has just been ordered - so we will set that up for people to sign and leave her a message.

The bain marie has been hired - now just have to buy the ingredients so we can cook the food!

As we are having a themed party - 1920's e.g. Great Gatsby - we just have to find the right outfit. Can't have the birthday girl out of costume!!!

Well the 21st Birthday party has been and gone. The year is half way over.

The party went well. Costumes looked amazing, decorations were perfect, getting the food  organised was a huge rush but everyone enjoyed the end result.

The birthday girl had a great time and was lucky to receive some wonderful presents to celebrate the day.


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