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Mothers Day 2014

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Am sitting here at the computer, listening to the music on my IPad. Its the end of a nice sunny day. I am full of food and could quite easily lay down and go to sleep, but I know that if I do I will be awake at midnight.

Had a nice Mothers Day. Went to Dome, Rockingham with my amazing daughter and a friend and her son. Ordered a big breakfast and had so many cups of tea!

Went visiting for an hour and then home for a read and relax. Am reading Jeffrey Eugenides "The Marriage Plot". I have only just started it so no comments on whether I like it or not! Loved 'Middlesex' so have great expectations - hope I'm not disappointed.

Husband asked what I wanted for tea?
Me: Anything that doesn't involve cooking or cleaning!
Him: Right! Chinese take away good for you?
Me: Big nod - Yes sounds great!

So tea is over and only a few random dishes - they can wait until its NOT Mothers Day!! Unless the husband or daughter or the dog decide to wash them!

Am going to buy my present - Ancestry access.

Hope everyone has had a lovely Mothers Day.Miss mine heaps. Lots of kisses to you. Mwah!!

Ps. Did you know that the tradition of celebrating Mothers Day only started in 1908? Mother's Day


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