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Wally Lamb & Ben Elton

An unlikely pair I'm sure, but both amazing authors.

I have just finished reading 'We are water' by Wally Lamb. A tomb of a book, but so well worth the read. It tells the story of  Annie Oh. She was married 27 years and had 3 children with her husband Orion Oh, who is a psychologist.  There are the twins Andrew and Ariane and then the youngest Marissa. Annie is an artist whose art has been described as 'angry'.

She decides that she wants a divorce, before announcing that she is going to marry Viveca. A wealthy Manhattan female art dealer.

The story tells the tale from  Annie's child hood up to her marriage to Viveca. Each chapter is told from a different family members perspective. So well told and so riveting. An amazing story!

Prior to reading the above, I also sampled my first book from Ben Elton. 'Two brothers' starts in Berlin, Germany in the year 1920. Frieda Stengel and her husband Wolfgang are expecting twins. The story starts off with Frieda's water breaking and her husband putting her in a wooden wheelbarrow to carry her to the hospital.

At the same time in Munich the Nazi party was born, with Adolf Hitler as its supreme leader.

Frieda delivers two boys, one is still born. In another room a young mother passes away leaving her young son an orphan. When Frieda and Wolfgang leave the hospital they take home two boys. One is a Jew and the other is a 'bastard son of a dead Communist'. But neither of the boys know this as they grow up as twins.

This is an AMAZING story!! Very easy to read, though I was apprehensive all the way through. I did not want to put this book down, though eventually to my deep disappointment, I arrived at the end of the story. I loved it!!

Would recommend both of these books. Both are about the same size - huge tombs. But so well worth the effort.


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