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Android verus Apple

This Christmas my sister and I asked our father whether he wanted a tablet. We had purchased our Apple IPads 2 years hence and as we already had IPod touches and intended purchasing IPhones as well it seemed to make sense at the time, to continue our love affair with the Apple products. But our father was a different kettle of fish. He had watched us using our IPads and been curious about them at the time, but had not until a few months prior shown any interest in owning one.

So my sister and I talked and decided that we would buy him an android tablet - cost being a major deciding factor for not purchasing an IPad for him. Soooo, I set off to our local Dick Smith and JB Hi-Fi store to browse the tablets on display. My sister mentioning that a colleague at work had purchased a Samsung and had been very happy with it. With this in mind I have to admit that I gravitated towards the Samsungs for the simple reason that someone we knew had already vouched for them. A sound reason if I have ever seen one!

Well, I have to admit that I like the mid-range price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and the screen size was comparable to the IPad. So we settled on the 10.1 inch screen. I liked the feel of the product and found enough similarities between my IPad and the Samsung to feel very comfortable using it.

I went home and browsed the internet - finding that my local JB Hi-Fi store was the cheapest for $342.00 and no delivery costs if I picked up from my local store, which was only 5 minutes from me. I placed the order at 11.30am on the Monday and received an email confirming that I could pick it up, on the following day. I went in my lunch break on the Wednesday (which was more convenient) and was in and out of the store very quickly. The service was out of this world.

So once Santa delivers the present hopefully Dad will be as happy with it and gets as much enjoyment from it as we receive in giving him something that he wants.



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