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My 50th Birthday

Well on the 8th of February 2013 I celebrated my 50th Birthday. I certainly was spoilt, as my husband and daughter bought me a beautiful gold watch and matching bracelet. My little sister and daughter decided that it would be nice to do something to celebrate this milestone, and initially we were going to go out for a meal with family and friends, but that became fraught with too many problems. The decision was up to me, so I decided to have a party at our home.

I only wanted family and a few good friends. So we sat down and listed all the family that we would invite and the few good friends. The end number was surprising and as people accepted the next worry was, did we have enough chairs? In total we ended up with 53 accepting. Most of these being on the Byrne side of the tree, with dad being the eldest surviving of seven children, there are a lot of cousins with children. Mums side - the Glew side were represented though quite sparsely. Aunty Roma, Margaret and Norma being the representatives on that side of the tree.

So the people were invited, the theme set - a High Tea and then the lists of food that we should make for a High Tea. Once we decided on what to make then, we proceeded to check off the ingredients that we had to buy against what we already had, and 'did we have enough flour, eggs and butter?"

My wonderful sister Lisa and Amazing Daughter Sarah helped me out heaps. In the weeks prior to the event, more lists were compiled, crossed checked & check again. Then the shopping trips to obtain food for the event.

On my birthday, my darling sister took the day off work and travelled to my place to spend the day with us. My wonderful daughter made me eggs Benedict with a big mug of tea - yummy!!! More shopping, with a hilarious side trip to look at and try on clothes. Then we started making the muffins and cheesecakes for the party. Dinner at the local pub with a cocktail or two to finish off the evening.

On the day of the party, I was treated to an early breakfast by my best friend at one of the local cafes - drinking champagne with my chai latte and scrumptious fruit toast with lashings of butter - mmmmm. Then down to the business of getting the rest of the food ready. Mini quiches, more muffins, sushi and sandwiches. Just enough time to change and face the guests as they arrived.

Had a wonderful time and received some beautiful presents - lots of perfume and jewellery.


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