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Erskine/Crooks Relatives

A good ten to fifteen years ago, I contacted a very helpful lady who was also tracing these two lines in my family. At the same time I had been given a copy of a picture of a Crooks grave in Scotland that had about 3 generations of family on it, which helped tremendously with tracing this line of the tree. I recall that I also spent several very worthwhile hours at the local Church of Latter Day Saints, writing down reams of information and finding numerous branches and generations of the family.

The fellow genealogist that I was corresponding with, very kindly offered to post via snail mail, the information she had collated.  Imagine my delight when I received her mail - there must have been about 35, A4 size pages of family tree information, printed out.  It took me about 6 months of slow plodding to transcribe all of the information into my family tree program.

While I had managed to dig back to the early 1700's, this new information took me back to the 1620's. Only recently I found a webpage with MORE information on it. While I haven't managed to put in the hard yakker to confirm all of this information, I do believe that it is valid and correct.

I have taken the liberty of putting a link to two web pages I have come across.  If you click on the link it should open in a new page, - Erskine-Genealogy & Scottish Nobility

Also, below are a few pages from my Erskine/Crooks tree. If you want any other information, leave me a comment and I will get back to you.


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