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Well Christmas is over and Santa has visited and left the household with more gadgets to play with. Quite a few more books to read, dvd's to watch, cd's to listen to, lots of lovely shower products to make ourselves smell divine and the scales in the bathroom now cringe when they see me coming, as apposed to just going 'why does she bother'?!! LOL

For sometime now I have been hosting the Christmas meal. We sit down a few weeks before the event and I ask the family 'do you want to do something different this year?' My father thinks about it for a nanosecond and then volunteers to bring the roast pork; dear spouse then pipes up and says that we will get the ham; then wonderful sister says 'I guess I will buy the turkey?' And once again we manage to stick to the same menu. Myself I was thinking maybe we could do a theme and have Chinese dishes or even Indian or something different!

One of my favorite memories is of the Christmas Mum made dishes from around the world. Mm-mm the different flavors were so nice. Or even to cater the food in, rather than spending the days before-hand shopping, and preparing for this gastronomic assault. Then on the day cooking, basting, whipping the cream, adding the finishing touches, sitting down to eat and then remembering the apple sauce that you put into the microwave to reheat. Once everyone has eaten so much they can't move, then washing dishes again, putting the kettle on for a cup of tea and then bringing out the trifle to groans of 'I can't, I'm too full - but maybe just a little bit!'

I might sound as if I am whingeing, but believe me I'm not. I have so much to be thankful for, with a wonderful family who I get to sit down and eat with.  I appreciate the fact that - 1. I have a roof over my head 2. Have enough money to buy said food 3. Live in an amazing country  4. Have an amazing family, even though they don't like change too much.

I hope that you and your family have spent time together and enjoyed that time. I hope that Santa was generous, that you were able to sit and enjoy your meal without too much adverse interruption. I hope that you feel as loved and cared for as I do and that you get to do this again.

Merry Christmas to all, may the New Year be a safe and prosperous one.


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