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Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

Went and saw my specialist today for my 6 monthly checkup. He is very happy with all my latest test results. My liver function test (LFT's) are good.  Six months ago we changed my dosage of UrsoFalk from five a day down to three a day, as I was experiencing random bouts of diarrhea and nausea. It was great for weight lose but horrendous trying to live and work around this.  As with most random things, you have no idea when it will happen, or for how long.  The reduction in medication has (cross my fingers!!) been working so far.  With no problems with my LFT levels as my last lot of tests were great.  Need to book my bone density test sometime in the next 6months and my normal 3monthly blood tests. But am very lucky. I watched R.P.A. on tv the other night and a lady was on who also has PBC, unfortunately she was not so lucky as she was extremely yellow and urgently needing a liver transplant. Her husband was a suitable donor and the show ended till the next episode with them talking about the surgery and risks involved. It makes you realize how lucky you really are.


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