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"The hours I first believed" by Wally Lamb

I have just finished reading this mammoth book. I read that he wrote this over 9 years. It was an amazing story. Set around several real life events, starting with the Columbine Massacres. I had read a review in the 'Good Reading' magazine about a year ago and added it to my 'must read' list. Well worth getting.

The story is about a couple called Maureen and Caelum Quirk. Maureen is a nurse and Caelum is an English teacher. They are married to each other and they both currently work at Columbine High School.  The book is in two parts. Leading up to the event, the event and the fallout. The second part is after the fallout, but also recounts Caelum's family history.  The event being the day Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold attended school and killed 13 people, injuring 24 others. Now referred to as the Columbine Massacre.

This is so easy to read. It was a joy to read such a well written book.  The subject matter was very sad and in your face. I would highly recommend it though. I don't like telling too much about a story, as I always feel as if I am giving away the plot. So you will have to buy it or get it from your local library.  Though the book is fictional, it still gets you to thinking about what happens after you are left to pick up the pieces.


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