My Family & Other Animals

Lisa Deborah Byrne

Me with Lisa on the right, looking at Mum
Me on the left with Lisa
An ode to you, my baby sister. Always there by my side, or behind me if the big kids were playing mean. You became my protector at times and confidant reluctantly.  To all the times I was mean and put my brussel sprouts onto your plate without Mum noticing. For all the times you were told off for not eating said brussel sprouts.  For pretending that you had no sister at school, who could blame you for not wanting to take ownership for the weird child that I was. For sharing your friends and telling me to 'go away' when you had had enough (my god there's an echo - is that my daughter saying that!!??) For the hugs, cuddles and occasional kiss.  For letting me climb into bed on a cold winter morning and having a snuggle. For letting me play barbie dolls, paper dolls and any old boring doll game that you dreamed up!! For being smart enough to pick me as your big sister and for keeping me too! For letting me be your friend. Love and Kisses. Eternally yours. Sheryl


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