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Tim Wintons play "Rising Water"

I was lucky to attend this play at the Heath Ledger Theatre in Perth, Western Australia. It was certainly beautifully staged. The set was amazing. Three boats sitting at a jetty and the opening scene shows one of the main characters lying down relaxing on the back of his boat.

If that was not enough, the words that were the play, were typical of Mr Winton. It reminded me of his novel Cloudstreet. Or is just that it reminded me of Perth and growing up here as a child. It was very Australian, though closer to the truth just very 'Sandgroper'.

I love the language he uses. Very evocative of nights prawning on the Swan river then kicking back and relaxing while you wait for the prawns to cook, so you could scoff them down hot; going down to "Scabs" for a swim and then throwing in the line to catch a few fish.

Maybe some of the references would be lost on those not having grown up here, but as a true sand groper, I must say thank you.  It was a delight and I enjoyed it immensely.


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