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'Major Pettigrew's last stand" by Helen Simonson

I came across this story by accident when browsing through the shelves at my local library. From beginning to end it was truly a delight to read.

Major Pettigrew lives in a small English village. His wife is deceased these past 5 years and his son Roger lives in the city with little time for his father.

Mrs Jasmina Ali owns and works in the local store. She has been a widow for about 2 years. She was born and bred in Cambridge but her family were originally from Pakistan. With no children, it is expected that her husbands nephew will inherit the business.

When hearing about his younger brothers death, leaves Major Pettigrew too upset to manage, Mrs Ali steps in to offer her help.  Friendship and then romance blossom, with the local gossips tongues wagging and his son distraught over his potential loss of inheritance.

This is a wonderful story and I highly recommend it. It was easy to read and very enjoyable. I was disappointed to come to the end of the book.


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