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Elizabeth Byrne nee Glew - My recollections 3

I recall seeing mum down the back of the yard and asking Dad why Mum was kicking the fence. He must have answered, but I don't recall his response. Later we knew that this was Mum when she was pissed off. She would kick the fence and I suppose on reflection possibly had a few strong words with it as well!!!

I remember one day, I had been naughty again. Probably was pinching my Nana (didn't like her back then!!) and she must have smacked me. Well what I remember is Mum and Nana heading around to the side garden - this was Mums vege patch and where she kept her compost heap. Anyway, what I remember is them heading out into the garden and Mum telling me to please stay inside with my sister. Of course, I wasn't prepared to do that, so I carefully followed them, making sure not to get caught. I recall standing there (I was about 6 or 7 years old), with my hand over my mouth to contain my glee and listening to my Mum tell Nana off for hitting her darling daughter - yes that was me!! What a horror. Luckily I must have moved back inside before they came back, because I never got caught. But the image is clear as day.  I had a dress on, my hair was short and blond and I was a skinny little thing and I remember standing there with my hand over my mouth - bizarre!!

Unfortunately from what I have been told, it wasn't an only occurrence. I was always upsetting Nana and causing friction between the two. I did fall in love with my Nana eventually, but that's another story.

Dad, Nana, Lisa and Greg
I do recall giving my sister Lisa the food that I didn't like. She always got in trouble for not finishing her dinner!! Whereas I was a good girl and cleaned my plate!!!

I remember having a small paddling pool down the back yard. It was only about 1metre square, made of cement and barely 10cm deep. Apparently I tried to drown my brother. Mum and Dad obviously weren't happy with this, because I recall Dad replacing the water with sand.  I then tried to bury him, but didn't succeed!!

I recall it was winter and it was raining. I had gum boots on and I had discovered a largish hole at the top of the driveway which was full of water. ( was only little maybe 3 or 4 years old) I don't know where Mum was, but obviously I had escaped. I recall lying down in the puddle and swimming, jumping up and down and having a great time. Then Mum found me....I remember her asking me why my clothes were all wet? and explaining about the puddle... Gumboots and puddles are so much fun!!

Dad, Greg, Mum, Lisa and Me (with sling)
I miss my Mum. I do hope you are reading this over my shoulder!!! I can't believe you have been gone from us for 5 1/2 years now. xoxox


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