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Hi, this is my very first attempt at blogging, so my apologies in advance! My primary reason for creating this blog is to expand the information that I have collated to date about my family tree. I started researching my mothers family tree back in 1985. It started off with a simple complaint from my mother that she knew next to nothing about her parents and their family. What seemed a great idea at the time has turned into a filing cabinet full of information that may appear useless except to another genealogy researcher. Listed following are all of the names that I am researching on both of my parents trees.

For some I have limited information while others are bursting at the seams. So here goes: My fathers tree -Byrne, Clayton, Edwards, Porter, Meigh, Walsh, Foran, Insley, Hutchinson, Beardmore. My fathers people come from England & Ireland. My mothers tree - Glew, Clark, Crooks, Shard, Allen, McBride, Lundy, Lucas, Seaton, Remington, Manning Gaffney, Hunter, Murray, Elwick, Erskine, Gascoigne, White, Kippen, Murdock. My mothers people come from England, Ireland, Scotland and I can boast a few convicts as well with Lucas & Gascoigne arriving on the first fleet to Australia.

Write to me if we have a family name in common and we can share information, I would love to hear from you, maybe we are distant relatives, who knows!


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