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Abigail Glew nee Allen

Born Abigail (Abigal) Allen on the 26th September 1830 in Coolbalantigelt, County Wicklow, Ireland. Her parents were Robert Allen and Mary-Ann Manning Gaffney. I was told that one of Abigails ancestors was the daughter of a Lord Wicklow, who was disowned when she married the groomsman. Unfortunately I have not been able to confirm or deny this information as yet. I have been told that Abigail emigrated to Australia on the ship "James T Foord" arriving in 1851. She married John Glew on the 27th November 1851. John and Abigail had 11 children that I am aware of: Dinah born 30/3/1853 dec'd 31/12/1853, Abigail born 16/12/1854 dec'd 26/8/1905 married Henry Littledike, John Samuel born 14/8/1856 died 14/3/1857, John born 6/12/1858 dec'd 1939 married 1st-Mary Despie Dods 1883 & 2nd Edith Mary Le Gassick 1889, Dinah born 9/11/1859 married David Gilchrist Hill, Samuel born 26/9/1861 dec'd 18/5/1944 married Margaret Crooks 31/12/1884(my Great grand parents), Henry Barningham born 27/4/1863 married Elizabeth Annie Harris 1889, William Neville born 14/4/1865 dec'd 12/8/1868, Edward Manning born 16/4/1867 dec'd 23/12/1941 married Sarah Alicia Latimer, William Critchley born 17/11/1869 dec'd 7/6/1870, Benjamin born 17/10/1870 Married Evelyn.
Alot of this information was handed along to me from other family genealogists and I have not confirmed it for whatever reason, so if there are errors that you are aware of please please tell me.
Note: I have corrected the name of the ship that Abigail arrived in Australia on from 'T La Ford' to ' James T Foord'. I was given the original information as information handed down, maybe by word of mouth and if Abigail had an accent possibly misheard. But have since corrected this after confirming the information at


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