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This is not a good year for my health!!

So far this year I feel as if I have been living at the doctors surgery!!

I ruptured a disc in my neck in late February and now suddenly I have a sore finger on my right hand.

Why is it that I have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs, but every time I bang my hand its always my right hand and my sore finger that takes the punishment? I have now resorted to wearing a bandage of sorts to try and protect it.

Soooo, about 2 -3 months ago I noticed that my fingers were extremely dry and sore. So applied some moisturiser a few times, but the next day I noticed that one digit looked as if it had split and suddenly became like a volcano of dead skin. It looked revolting, but more worrisome was that the tip of my finger felt - well kind of numb!!

At this point I had been seeing my GP a lot then because of my neck; and then also because I was scheduled to see him on my care plan.

I showed the GP my finger and asked him if he thought it could be because of my current illnesses? His response was "moisturise your hands and make sure you buy some long cotton lined gloves for when you do the dishes".

Now my question to you is, why did he not just suggest that my husband or partner do the bloody dishes for me??!!! What the!!!

Sooooo I did not & have not been back to see him since. So I left it, possibly too long, but with a lot of nudging and pushing from my daughter - love you babe!!! I went along to the 'walk-in clinic".

Having only been there once or twice before, I was not sure of how things went.

The first doctor was a bit frowny - but he requested a lot of blood tests and a ultra sound of my finger.

I went back a few days later after lots of nudging and pushing from the daughter. Blood tests were in, saw the next GP available and talked to him about my G.A.V.E (melon stomach) - another long story!! He kindly did up a referral to a Gastroenterologist - am on the waiting list at least!!

My third visit was because my finger was aching and getting worse visually as well as the pain. This GP decided to try antibiotic cream, and told me to come back to see him in a few days. Went back a few days later and saw same GP. He then changed me onto antibiotic tablets and told me to come back in a few days.

On my 3rd visit back to this GP, he asked if I would be ok if he asked for another opinion from one of his colleagues. The colleague attended with a very large magnifying glass and proceeded to look at, prod at and discuss my problem.

Result was they both feel that I need to see a Rheumatologist - they think I might have Crest Syndrome.

A google search shows that its in the rare autoimmune diseases  - I seem to be collecting them!!!

So far have Hashimoto Disease &  Primary Billiary Cirrhosis. My body is attacking it self!!!

Have sent off my referral and am now waiting to be contacted for an appointment. :)


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