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For the Love of Julie by Ann Ming

This extraordinary story by Ann Ming is worth reading. It tells the story of one mothers courage to fight for justice for the death of her daughter, to ensure her daughters murderer is gaoled.

Its 1989 and Julie Hogg worked evenings at a pizza shop and normally was dropped off home at about 1.30am in the morning. She had asked her mother to wake her at 7.30am as she had an appointment that she had to make. Julie's 3 year old son stayed the night with his grand parents.

Ann Ming rang her daughter as arranged, but there was no answer. She ended up putting her grand son in the car and going around to her daughters house to wake her up. After ringing the bell and knocking on the doors, she ended up fetching her son who broke a window and climbed in to see if Julie was home.

They reported her missing to the local Police, but because she had only been missing a short time, the Police were not interested. They eventually searched the premises over a period of days with members of the forensic team on site.

After this the Police kept the premises locked up for 3 months, after which time they gave the keys back to the family. Julie's husband decided to move into the house with their young son.

While cleaning the house and getting it ready for occupation, he turned the heating on, and then noticed a strong odour. He called his mother in law (Ann Ming) who came around. As a theater nurse for some 20 years or more she recognised the odour. She tracked it to the bathroom and when investigating where the odour was coming from she knocked a panel under the bath. Leaning down she saw a body - Julie's.

Police were called and an investigation followed. One into how the Police had messed up so badly and secondly to find the killer of Julie.

The Police quickly found a suspect and proceeded to charge him with Julie's murder. When the case went to trial, the jury could not decide so the Judge dismissed them and called a second court case. At the second hearing this new jury did not elect a spokesperson so they were dismissed. Its 1991 and a murderer is acquitted of the crime that he committed.

Billy Dunlop walked free and then proceeded to brag to anyone who would listen that he had gotten away with the perfect murder.

He eventually got gaol time for perjury and then a second time for assault. During this period he was taped bragging to a female prison officer that he had killed Julie and how he had gotten away with the crime.

Julie's parents Ann & Charlie Ming campaigned to have the 800 year old 'double jeopardy' law changed. In April 2005 - 16 years after her death, the law was changed in England and Wales. In 2006 Billy Dunlops case was re-opened, he was charged and sentenced to life in goal for the murder of Julie. Justice prevailed!

This was such a sad but courageous book.


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