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Terence Joseph Byrne - 80th Birthday Celebrations

Birthday boy Terry, sister Pat, and brother Bob

So on Saturday we celebrated Dad's 80th Birthday. He was born 7th August 1936.

We invited family and friends to help celebrate the milestone event, approximately 50 - 60 turned out.
The youngest family members – Josh, Ryan, Lucy, Meegan (back row) Charlotte and Thomas at the front

The weather turned a bit wild and windy so the majority of people stayed in the house, but a few stalwarts braved the cold.

The birthday boy seems to have had a great time. He loves socialising so was in his element.

Going around left from the lady with the pink hair – who is cousin Gillian, cousin Daniel, Kraison, Darren, Greg, Kate and Aunty Pat

We suggested the theme be 1930's seeing as he was born in 1936. Those that dressed up looked great.

The food and the punch appeared to have been a hit, going on the fact that there was hardly any left overs.
Meelah enjoying the dip and biscuits
Best mates for 56 years – Brian Dobbie and Terry Byrne

We got some amazing photos as reminders. Happy Birthday Dad.


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