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Sky Burial by Xinran

I read this book recently and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This story was retold by Xue Xinran who in about 1994 had a radio show in China. Xinran met Shu Wen, after receiving a telephone call telling her about a woman who had just crossed the border fromTibet to China.

Xinran travelled 4 hours & spent 2 days listening and recording the details. Unfortunately she lost contact with Shu Wen after she travelled home after the interview.

This book tells the story of Shu Wen, who having been married only a short time in the late 1950's, says good bye to her doctor husband who joins the army to travel to Tibet. Not long later she is told that he has been killed.

As a doctor herself, she decides to join the army to travel to Tibet to try and discover what has happened to her husband. 

The book tells of her 30 year journey through Tibet to discover how and where her husband died.

I would highly recommend this book.


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