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Freaky Friday Rambles

Don't you some times wonder about why life is so so hard at times? Do we make it difficult for ourselves or is it the people who we surround ourselves with, who complicate things? Maybe its a combination of both of these.

But I don;t know, sometimes your cruising along, life is the 'same old thing' - get up go to work, come home have tea, watch t.v., read and go to bed. To only repeat it all again the next day and the next. And the weekends - what is it with them?? They seem to go so darn fast!

I like a sleep in on a Saturday morning, a leisurely start to the day. Have a cuppa and a piece of toast and put the washing machine on while you put your feet up. Read, relax and isn't it so nice? But before you know it, its Sunday night. Your running around getting stuff ready for the rest of the week and thinking 'where did the time go to?'

Then suddenly your life is in chaos mode. Your calendar is spotted with appointments, and I think - I want the 'same old thing' back!! Boring is nice! Boring is relaxing! It is boring, but its not tiring!! No stress, except for the 'I have nothing to wear' from the teen in the house.

As I have gotten older, I think about death often. Not so much about dying, but when will I die?  I think I want to live until 103 years old. Is that asking too much? I think by then I may have gotten enough time to read all the books on my list, gotten to visit all the places I would love to see, got to meet my grand children and then their grand children, ran or walked a marathon to raise money for cancer... so many things and such little time. But death keeps intruding, in particular mine. I keep wondering, am I going to live to a ripe old age? I don't want to die too soon. Do I have a choice? I suppose some people would say yes. But if it is predestined, does it matter if I lose weight and get fit?

That's not to say that I don't try to lose weight and get fit. I just seem to hit obstacles every time lately. The latest one is Bursitis at the base of my toes, under my left foot. Got up early and started to go for a 30-40 minute walk each day. Then after about 4 weeks of doing this, I started to feel as if I had a rock under my foot. A doctor's visit and ultrasound showed the inflammation. Rest the foot. Tried that and injections, to no avail. Now just live with it and manage it as best as I can. Have a WI-fit and try to use that. Going to boxing classes, but they only run for 8 weeks. But hey, some exercise is better than none. Its a start, hopefully it is enough.

I feel my age weighing on me lately. I feel as if I have a clock ticking down inside me.

Am I being silly? IT happens to everyone at some stage in there life - some people go early, some later - but one thing is sure, we all die. Is it normal this preoccupation with dying? Though to call it a preoccupation gives it too much expression. Yes, but I do think about it. I think its normal, doesn't everyone think about it? Maybe its not normal, but its my normal. It just pops in now and then, I chew it over and then spit it out until it arrives again.

Oh well, there's nothing I can do to stop what will be. I guess I just keep on being me, doing the 'same old' with some occasional chaos thrown in to lighten up the boring.  Did I mention purple is my favourite colour??


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