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Holidays in Cairns, Queensland

Well, it is the last day of our 18 day trip to Cairns, Queensland. it is a beautiful 27C day and we are heading back to a chilly 17C. We have visited a few of the iconic sights around Cairns - travelled to Kuranda three times - by scenic train, sky rail and car. The train was great, went 'cattle' class on the way there and 'gold' class on the return. Amazing scenery! The sky rail was not for me spent half of the trip there petrified that it was going to fall and crash before relaxing a little bit. Amazing views though. The car trip was hair rising as well, though our friend drove and he has traversed the road numerous times. Kuranda was very nice and well worth the trip. The walk from the train and sky rail platforms were at the bottom of a hill, so would recommend good walking shoes and comfortable clothing. The town was set up primarily for the over seas tourist trade but enjoyed it never less.

Visited Hartleys Crocodile Farm. Expensive but worth the visit. Did walking and boat tours and the staff were excellent. They were fun but at the same time very informative.

Went to the Reef Casino quite a few times. Yummy cocktails! Sarah and I tried a different one each time we visited. While husband and daughter tried their hand on the pokies and roulette, I found a comfy chair and did what I like to do - read!!! Took my IPad and read and watched what ever was on the big screen t.v. Had a great time - did do Keno once or twice but don't like wasting my money and I am not extremely lucky!!

Our friend drove us to Port Douglas the day before we left, very scenic drive. The contrasts were amazing. We went from flat coastal country, to hilly very steep, narrow and windy roads. Tropical rain forrest to eucalyptus and gum trees. Spectacular!!!

Suitcases are packed and we appear to have managed to hit the target max weight for all 3 suitcases. Posted some non essentials home in an attempt to lighten the load.

Took a last drive to the Smithfield shopping centre as daughter just HAD to visit the sushi train one last time!!! Then spent half an hour driving around Trinity Beach enjoying the scenery, before getting hopelessly lost and having to pull out the GPS to find our way back to our friends unit.

All told enjoyed our break, and would definitely like to visit Cairns again.


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