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Well it's official - my body has given up on me!! I went to see my gastroenterologist on Tuesday 5th June to be told he had 'good and bad news' for me. The good news was that my LFT's were looking great, the same for my thyroid and iron levels and my blood test confirmed that I didn't have hepatitis C - yahoo!!!  But on the downside I had diabetes!! boo!!!

My blood sugar level was 16%.  The warnings were there but as you do, one thinks that it won't happen to you. But I should have realized that with the way my luck had been going over the last 7 years - anything was possible.

So - watch the diet, get some exercise and lose weight. Mmmm only a little bit to keep me busy, besides work and housework!!!   But then I don't have a choice. The last thing I want is to be taking insulin along with all the other medication I put into my body.

I can't say I didn't expect it, I was in fact just waiting for it 'to knock on the door'. With Hashimoto Disease and Primary Biliary Cirrhosis already, the chances seem higher than for the average joe. But then the fact that I'm over weight doesn't help!!

Made an appointment with the GP as instructed and am trying to watch what I put into my mouth - but as normal as soon as you have to watch what you eat, you start craving that last bit of chocolate that is left over from Easter or a lovely big mug of tea with the requisite spoonful of sugar. Note to myself: throw the chocolate out and restrict yourself to a treat - one cuppa a day. Can't stand the artificial sweeteners, so will stick to my green and jasmine tea during the day.


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