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"Still Alice" By Lisa Genova

I have been reading a book called "Still Alice" by a lady called Lisa Genova .  This book is funny, sad and very very insightful. She is one very smart lady. I cried and laughed my way through this book.

I felt as if it was Mum and me she was talking about.  After I finished reading this amazing book, I lay down and reflected on my Mum. When she was 46years she had a car accident, that the family believe was the start of it all.  She was eventually diagnosed with Alzheimer's when she was 53 years old.

Lisa got the book so right. Even though it is a work of fiction, I would highly recommend it. It was as if she was the person with Alzheimer's, as if she could read their thoughts.

I have included the link to Alzheimers Australia


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