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"Billy" by Pamela Stephenson

Just finished reading the biography of Billy Connolly. It was very interesting. I only ever recall him as being a comedian, so therefore I learn't that he started out singing and playing the banjo; and that he has been in more than a few movies. A man of many talents. Very smart, very astute and observant. It tells his story from a young boy, who was bought up by two aunts, who didn't appear to be very loving, in fact the opposite. His mother and father both abandoned him and his sister at an early age, which is why the aunts took them in. Though his father did re-appear, he then proceeded to abuse his son sexually for a number of years. I thought that the story was well written. Though according to Pamela, Billy went off the tracks for a number of years, as normal the love of a good woman, is what has pulled him through and helped keep his life on track. According to wiki, he is 69 years young this year. If you like reading biographies, then I highly recommend this easy to read book. Don't start it thinking it is going to be funny, because its not. But it is a good read.


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